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  • Luxembourg (English) — Private Investor


Kristel COOLS

Group Head of Asset Management

Kristel Cools serves as Group Head of Asset Management at Quintet Private Bank, where she manages all of the Group’s asset management activities across Europe. Based in Luxembourg, she is responsible for Rivertree Investment Funds, the commercial brand of the Group’s asset management arm. Since 1 January 2018, she has also served as Chief Commercial Officer and Director at InsingerGilissen Asset Management in the Netherlands. She previously served as General Manager of Richelieu Gestion in France. Earlier, she held a range of management positions at BNP Paribas Asset Management in Belgium, where she was responsible for strategic business development in group distribution. Her expertise includes strategic business development, marketing and sales in asset management.

Kristel joined the Quintet Private Bank group in September 2015. She holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering from the University of Antwerp.






Deputy Group Head of Asset Management

Cyril Thiébaut has served as Deputy Group Head of Asset Management and Manager of the Asset Management Office at Quintet Private Bank since 1 January 2017. He previously served as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, proprietary trader, technical analyst and Head of CIO Office. Today, he leads key transformation projects such as responsible investing, performance monitoring and strategic development of the group’s fund range. Cyril is based in Luxembourg at Kredietrust Luxembourg, the group’s management company. His expertise includes ESG issues, quantitative modelling, equities, performance attribution and problem solving.

Cyril joined the Group in July 2007. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Nancy, and is a Certified International Investment Analyst and Certified Financial Technician.